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Where He Leads Blog | Krista Soroka | Author of Beckoned

Help me, Jesus!

Krista Soroka

I thought twice before asking a friend to pray for me this week.

Prior to reaching out, Satan hit me with a flood of opposition: Why are you asking for prayer? What will they think? Aren't you supposed to have it all together, especially after this incredible journey of faith?

I shot back: I’m asking because my heart hurts and I’m struggling.

Help me.

Often times, to survive our life circumstances we become independent and self-sufficient. Along the way we create the image of ‘having it all together’ when the truth is we don’t have to carry that weight. God built us to be vulnerable - to need each other - to share our disappointments, our struggles, our pains and hurts. Most importantly, He created us to need His Son Jesus.

Help me, Jesus.

If you’re like me, vulnerability doesn't come easy. I’m strong - sometimes too strong - but on this particular day I decided I needed help. After all, how could I have it all together? I was coming off an intense two-week business trip across the country; I am without clear direction in my life, and in six weeks I’m taking another giant leap of faith and becoming ‘homeless’ again. The truth is…I’m scared.

God promises us in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

I considered how this applied to my circumstance and the Holy Spirit gently revealed my weakness: How can I experience Jesus’ sufficient grace and know Him as the strong leader in my life, when I remain self-sufficient? How can I trust Him to help me, when I won’t give Him the opportunity? How can I experience the support of others, when I don’t let them? When will I stop being the girl who has all the answers and solves all her own problems?

Help me, Jesus!

It’s a pithy yet powerful prayer.

Do you need Jesus in your life? Are you practicing vulnerability with Him? If we keep thinking we have it all together, then why would we need Jesus to save us; strengthen us; or display His power in our lives?

I encourage you to be vulnerable this week with Jesus and others. You may need to step out of your comfort zone, but take courage! I’ll be praying you’ll experience the love and support of Jesus Christ and those around you!

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Krista Soroka is the author of "Beckoned: Learning to Follow Christ." She loves being a dog mom to Sally Mae, adventuring outdoors, and writing whenever the Holy Spirit speaks. Soroka is an inspirational speaker for businesses, churches and other organizations.