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Daily Devotional

Krista Soroka Author of Beckoned: Learning to Follow Christ Daily Devotional

Right or Wrong

Krista Soroka

Jesus is all you need,, Krista Soroka, Author of Beckoned

“So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.”
1 Kings 3:9


I went through a time when I read a lot of Christian books, looking for answers and breakthroughs in my faith. While the messages were based in scripture and seemed right, it was only when God tested my faith that I saw they were almost right, or false.
Even though the tests were painful He used it for good. The Holy Spirit led me to spend more time in His Word, and when I began studying more Bible commentaries than books, and I learned to discern between right, and almost right.
In the end, discernment taught me to recognize deception.
Eventually I threw away all books that led me to want something from God, instead of wanting to know Him.
Is it time for you to put away the books and reach for God’s Holy book? I encourage you to feast on scripture, letting the Holy Spirit refresh, renew and set your heart right in Him.
Even King Solomon wisely asked for discernment to lead God’s people in His prayer: “So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.” (1 Kings 3:9). Can we do the same?
Learn to hide His Word in your heart and bind yourself to Him so you will be able to discern false teachings. Invite the Holy Spirit to clean house in your heart, your bookshelves and your calendars so that His Truths will be planted firmly and you will not be led astray in the days to come.

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Krista Soroka is the author of "Beckoned: Learning to Follow Christ." She loves being a dog mom to Sally Mae, adventuring outdoors, and writing whenever the Holy Spirit speaks. Soroka is an inspirational speaker for businesses, churches and other organizations.