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Krista Soroka is available for speaking engagements.


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If you’re looking for inspiration at an upcoming event, conference or small group session Krista is available to share her lessons learned while following Jesus Christ! Below is a sampling of topics.


Beckoned: Krista’s 10-year Intentional Journey to Believe in and Follow Jesus Christ

 Living By Faith: Finding Strength and Stability to Live Dependent on Christ
Learn to see with the eyes of your heart and trust God with your entire life even when His ways seem foolish to the world. By taking a closer look at the uncommon and counter-culture ways of our Lord we’ll find strength and stability to live completely dependent on Him by faith!

Hope Found: Reestablishing Your Foundation in the Person of Jesus Christ
Uncover the subtle misconception of placing our hope in God’s ability to do something for us (fulfill our desires and dreams) vs. placing our hope in the person Jesus Christ. When we place our hope in Jesus alone we will reestablish our faith on a solid foundation that can withstand any coming storm!

Discipleship: The True Test of Our Faithfulness to Jesus Christ
Taking a deeper look at what it means to be a disciple of Christ. It may be a difficult path here on earth but the rewards are heavenly! Literally. Are you willing to make sacrifices now when your rewards are deferred until you spend eternity with God?

Singleness of Heart: Holding Our Relationship With God in the Highest Esteem
Do you have any other gods before God? Discovering every day idols that hinder our relationship with God is key to keeping Him first in our hearts. You may be surprised at what the Holy Spirit reveals!



Finding Joy in Your Job: Redefining Achievement in a Job Well Done
Tired of always thinking about a better job? Instead of looking outward to change our environment, maybe it’s time to look inward and begin changing ourselves. Approaching work as an opportunity to serve others by giving our best may be just the key to finding new joy in your old job.

Project Workforce: How to Reestablish Unity in the Workplace
Longing for unity in your work environment? Discovering the root causes of disharmony may surprise you. Cynicism, unforgiveness, and a lack of trust are key areas companies must address in the workforce.  This project isn’t easy, but in the end it will change both you and your team!

Honesty Is STILL the Best Policy: The Benefits (and Difficulties) of Honest Conversation With Your Team
Let’s be honest: honest conversations are difficult, but the benefits outweigh the risks. It’s only when we take time to establish solid relationships that we find courage to address issues with the facts. Establishing trust and genuine goodwill with our team will create a healthy culture that anyone would want to work in!

It's Not Personal, It's Business: Applying Personal Relationship Strategies to Co-Workers
Just as personal relationships take effort, so do business relationships. When we approach any relationship as an opportunity to serve others, and help them grow and achieve, we’re able to hold each other accountable and build a stronger and more successful team! 


about krista soroka

Krista Soroka has been out on a wild adventure that has become her life’s second act. This has involved leaving a 20-year career in sports, entertainment, and politics in Florida and discarding most of her earthly possessions. Following the sale of her house in 2013, she started traveling wherever God wanted her to go.

Though it may seem extreme, it’s just what her soul needed. The insights she gained from new friends, new locations, and time spent alone with God were truly invaluable. Because of this, somewhere in the midst of her trips, she began to write. Her first book, "Beckoned," is a collection of Soroka’s blog posts, led with personal stories, passages of scripture, famous quotes, and examples from movies that illustrate her ideas. The tone may be lighthearted, but there are pearls of wisdom tucked into every page.

After traveling the country for five years, Krista recently returned to Florida where her journey to pursue a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ began.  

While her story may seem unique, like so many others it began at age seven when she gave her heart to Jesus. Raised in a Christian home in Michigan, she spent the next 30 years doing church. It wasn't until she realized she was powerless over sin, that she understood her need for Christ's disposition in her. She repented and recommitted her life on June 29, 2008, and her life has never been the same. 

It is because of what Jesus has done for her that she has responded to His call. She continues to write and speak as her way to encourage others to seek and spend extended time with God to know Him. 

Krista was a perfect breakout session leader for our Step Up 2018 Summit, a Women in Leadership and Learning event. She was engaging and sent attendees away with motivation on how they can step up to God’s purpose. Krista was great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a motivational and empowering speaker.
— Joni Frolek, Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce, Brookings, S.D.

Upcoming Events

July 29, 2018: Bethel Temple Assembly of God (Huntington, W.Va.)

Past Events

2018: Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce “Step Up 2018 Summit: A Women in Leadership and Learning Event” (Brookings, SD)
2017: Elk Point United Parish (Elk Point, S.D.)
2017: Ascension Lutheran Church (Brookings, S.D.)
2017: Faith Reformed Church (Brookings, S.D.)
2017: 1 Million Cups (Brookings, S.D.)
2017: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, South Dakota State University Weekly Huddle (Brookings, S.D.)
2017: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, South Dakota State Summer Soccer Camp (Brookings, S.D.)
2017: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, University of South Dakota Weekly Huddle (Vermillion, S.D.)